Pat-Kam offers six separate programs from which parents can select acccording to their various needs.
  1. Pre-School
  2. Elementary School
  3. Before School
  4. After School
  5. Summer School/Camp
  6. Drop-in


The pre-school program is open to students 3 yrs (younger pre-K) to 5 yrs old (kindergarten).  It operates from 7:00am - 6:00pm. Monday - Friday.   No entrance exam is required however, the parent and the child are interviewed by the director after the entrance application package is completed.
Although the development of social skills is emphasized, an enhanced structured educational curriculum is followed so that all students are fully prepared for their entrance into kindergarten.  Our cirriculum exposes students regonizing letters of alphabets, decoding words throuh use of phonics, and numbers through hands-on, developmentally appropriate practices.

Elementary School

Our elementary school consists of kindergarten through fifth grade.    This program operates  from 9:00am - 3:00pm.  Students from outside schools go through an evaluation process to assist with placing them in the proper grade.  We offer enhanced learning experiences while adhering to New York State Standards in all academic areas, including reading, math science, and social studies.  Students in the fourth and fifth grades take the mandatory  New York State proficiency exams in Math, Science and English Language Arts.  In addition, our kindergaten through third grade students take Terra Nova proficiency tests.  (See faculty section for information on staffing).

Before School

The before school program is open from 7:00am - 9:00am for parents who need this service.  Parents bring students to Pat-Kam school where they are served breakfast, practice computer skills and then we transport them to their various schools.

After School

The after school progam is open from 3:00pm - 6:00pm.  Most students are picked up at their schools by Pat-Kam Transportation Services school buses and brought  to Pat-Kam school.  They are given,help with homework and they engaged in other academic or social activites until they are picked up.


The summer school/camp runs from the last week in June to the last week in August.    We know that all children  need a break from the structure of a rigorous school schedule,but we also believe that learning does not need to take a summer vacation. . Our summer programs are flexible and children are not pressured, but are exposed to a hybrid of educational and recreational activities. 

Field trips play an integral role in the cultural development of students. Some of the museums that are frequently visited are: Children's, DNA, Walt Whitman, Dinosaur Science, Cradle of Aviation, and other interesting and educational sites such as,  Fish Hatchery, Gravies' Point, Theodore Roosevelt Wildlife Sanctuary and Safety Town, bowling  as well as Echo Park Pool for swimming .


The drop-in progam is available to parents who need occasional child-care services.  Services will be offered at the discretion of the director.