Pat-Kam offers enhanced learning experiences while adhering to the new New York State core curriculum standards in all academic areas, including reading, math, science, and social studies.  All students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, participate in all academic subjects, including spanish as a second language, computer classes.  The school's computer laboratory provide students with the opportunity to become proficient at typing, desktop publishing, word processing, and internet skills.  In the spring, students plant, cultivate, and reap from the school garden.  Additional physical activities include social dancing, basketball, and other playground activities that promote development of gross motor skills.


Pat-Kam aligns its math curriculum and instruction with the new standards for mathematics - the Common Core State Standards.   In keeping with this we ensure that our students have a strong foundation and progress from grade to grade.


Pat-Kam believes that early science education enhances students problem-solving skills. This is why we incorporate science in our curriculum starting from pre-K to get students ready for elementary school science. This is important as it helps students get ready for the technological and scientific world to which they will be contributing.

English Language Arts

Our  English Language Arts curriculum is designed to create literate and thoughtful communicators that use language effectively.  It teaches them to use language effectively. Students will use specific skills and strategies in reading, writing, speaking, listening.   They will explore a variety of texts, including Aesop's  Fables which will motivate them to  appreciate language and literature.

Social Studies

Pat-Kam prepares young students to become good citizens. It prepares them to have an understanding in human values through a historical American perspective. Learning about the history of voting in the United States, world continents, famous men and women in United States history and Civil War heroes, as well as black history topics.

Foreign Language

Spanish as a second language is an integral part of the cirriculum. We beleive that children are born learners andthat the best time to introduce the learning of a foreign to them is during their early years. Our success in doing so for 26 years confirms our belief.

Computer Education

We introduce computer education to our students from 3yrs old.  We include computer technology basics and how to use the computer as a tool for learning other subjects, such as reading, math, science and spanish as a second language,  etc.  As soon as they can identify the letters of the alphabet, we start teaching them their home keys and by the end of first grade they get the idea of typing.